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Checking your tire pressure is an important part of the monthly treatment plan of the car. Your vehicle is able to get better gas mileage and your tires are able to run last longer when you keep them properly inflated. This article offers some useful tips on how to properly check and fill your tires.

All you need to check your tire pressure is a tire with the help of a pressure gauge. If you want to measure more accurately look for quality digital measuring tools or radial. In order to get a better reading car air pump visit that read not too much higher ratio than the pressure of your tires need.

Tire Pressure How Often You Should Check It & Why

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Once you have your tire pressure gauge you need to figure out the ideal pressure of your tires. This information should be on a sticker on the inside of the driver's side door, or sometimes in the passenger door or in the glove box. 

Now that you know the necessary pressure you can head to your local gas station to top off your tires with air when they need it. Most gas stations have a simple measuring device attached to air hoses, it is important to check the accuracy though. 

You can do this by filling your tires to the recommended pressure by the use of a measuring instrument. Then get your own measurements along with the air pressure of the tires. If they get the same reading then you can use measuring tools at a gas station when filling the tires.

If you do not want to have to head to a gas station every time you get a low tire consider buying an air compressor. A small 12-volt air compressor is also able to easily do this task. Maintaining your tire pressure at an appropriate level is easy and inexpensive. Even save money by amplifying the gas mileage of your vehicle and increase the life of your tires.

Adjusting Your Car Tire Pressure
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