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A soffit is technically the bottom of each architecture’s component such as stairs, gate or ceiling. In today's world, it is really used to describe the bottom of the roof overhang.

Soffits currently include ventilation for good air circulation in roofs to prevent moisture. If you never knew or saw soffit before you have to head out and stood under the overhang of your roof. Now look up and what you see is a soffit. 

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It is important that all the soffits are kept well-maintained. They are part of a system of gutters found in the home and are an integral transmission in ensuring that rainwater is kept away from the house. 

It is much less expensive than fixing rotten attic space. If there are holes in your soffit then a bird could easily pass through and started to build a nest. By bringing the wet grass will lead to a lot of trash. Birds can cause many serious problems in the roof of your house. Squirrels are other creatures that can gain access through the soffit and cause the destruction to your house.

In the past, soffits are often built of wood, and this is the main reason that they rot and cause other problems. Soffits are designed to protect the house from the rain but they themselves are easily damaged by rainwater if they are made of wood. A better solution is to install soffit that is made of metal. The durability of metal soffits is very good. 

All About Soffit Vents