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We have traditionally tended to associate technology with the younger generations, but older adults are surprisingly good at a number of modern technologies. For example, 59% of Americans aged 65 and over access the Internet, and 77% of that population uses a cell phone.

In fact, 23% of this population actively plays games using cell phones, computers, or gaming systems. These numbers show significant use of technology. These numbers are growing because nowadays there are various health experts who are buying iPads for hospitals.

Helpful Gadgets For The Elderly Medville Pharmacy

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Tablets in particular are examples of modern technology that many older people can use very effectively. The term tablet refers to a touch screen computer that is lightweight and portable. 

The iPad is one of the most famous examples of this, although there are many others. Because it is a type of computer, a tablet has its own operating system and can run many applications (applications), including various kinds of games.

Tablets can range from a screen size of about 5 inches to about 10 inches, with the most common screen sizes being 7 to 10 inches. Most tablets run on Apple or Android. Many applications will be available in the store for both types of tablets, but some will only be available in one store.

The touch screen interface of these devices is relatively easy for adults to learn, and many of them usually make very simple decisions about what to do. Larger tablets are best for older people, especially those with poor eyesight, because they have a larger font size and the buttons on the screen are usually larger. 

An Entertaining and Practical Device for Elders: Tablet