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Aquatic therapy is often used for people who are recovering from surgery or who have disabilities. These therapy sessions allow patients to flex and strengthen their muscles without putting a strain on them. Aquatic therapy is easier on the joints as well, which means that participants are less likely to get injured while they heal or exercise. The exercises that are performed at each session will depend on each patient's needs, but here are a few common stretches and movements. You can also look for aquatic therapy near me via

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Leg Exercises

Aquatic therapy is excellent for leg exercises because the patient will not feel as much gravity pulling on them. They can strengthen their muscles without straining their joints, which is very important. Many physical therapists encourage leg circles, side lifts and toe raises. These exercises strengthen calves, thighs, quadriceps, and hip muscles.

Arm Exercises

In order to perform arm exercises, the patient may sit in the water so that most of their upper bodies are covered. They can lift small water weights to strengthen their biceps and triceps. Therapists may also have them perform arm circles, shoulder shrugs, and arm extensions.

Balance Exercises

The pool is a great place to improve balance. The water acts as a stabilizer while also challenging the body to stay in one place. This can help with alignment issues and bad posture. Some therapists have started using Thai Chi with their patients to get whole-body exercises that also improve balance.

Aquatic therapy is very beneficial, and it is something that people of all fitness levels can participate in. It is also considered a great way to recover from certain injuries and surgeries.

Aquatic Therapy Exercises in Annapolis