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Understanding eLearning is simple. ELearning is learning to utilize electronic technology to access education outside of the traditional classroom curriculum. In most cases, it refers to courses or degree programs delivered entirely online.

Here is a list of the ways to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of eLearning:

1. Target Audience: Is the name and address the target audience? In the documentation, or even at the beginning of the eLearning program, the target audience should be specified to provide context for the audience. You can also look for instructional design online programs through various online sources.

2. Instructional Voice: If you are supposed to teach problem-solving, whether it is to provide information and the opportunity for students to try out their new skills in a realistic setting attractive.

3. User Interface: How intuitive is the navigation system? Are you able to explain it to the students in a few sentences? Look for the use of the word or hint icons. The simpler layout, the more focused students will learn the content. Whether the color is used as a visual cue for students?

4. Appropriate Multimedia Elements: Do add audio or video. It makes the learning experience more instructional. Just because you add a Flash interaction does not mean it makes the course a better learning experience for students.

Collect feedback and periodically review the feedback to improve future training development.

Assessing The Efficiency Of Elearning Programs