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On arrival at your premises, a professional, in my opinion, would need to have the means to write the information down, some form of measurement equipment, and a spirit level, at the very minimum, to be able to provide accurate and fair quotes, I would be very concerned if there is no tape measure to take basic measurements. Professional tilers from Gun Tiling Perth may help you with the right tools and equipment and plan your successful tiling project with the finest end results. 

I would also expect eye contact, and a good general demeanour, feeling comfortable with your tradesperson is important for good communication later.  If you feel intimidated, go elsewhere. You may have to leave them in your own home at some point, it's unavoidable sometimes, would you trust this person?

When they / he / she has measured the area to be tiled, ask the following questions or similar, to build their professionalism, and to get an idea of whether they know the correct procedure or not, you will understand the logical process of it all with collecting information on this stage, and you're more likely to get a second opinion if you need one.

1. How much preparation is needed, and how long will it take?

The answer should be something like; -x no. of days to remove the tile/wallpaper/paint; x days to re-board wall/floor or re-plaster / render to make good. They also should have a rough idea of the time for tile work also at this point.

2. Do you prime the surface before the tile?

The answer should be something like; All surfaces that need to be primed will be primed.

3. How do you cut through the round window? (If there is).

The answer should be something like; I centre the tiles to the window reveals and then cut to the corners of the room as they fall.

Avoid the Cowboy Tilers by Asking Simple Questions – Employ a Professional in Perth