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Barbecue is one of the oldest methods of cooking food. It has begun by some people who want to eat meat but not raw. This method has been discovered by those people.

We can use this technique of cooking in three ways – Grilling, Smoking, and Open fire. If you want to know more about barbecue flavor or method, you can click

Barbecue is generally cooked in an outdoor environment. This is a slow method of cooking but it retains the natural, flavorful juice that keeps the meat moist and tender. Let’s have a look at the methods of barbecue food:-

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Barbecue Grilling – In this method, barbecue grills are used to cook food. These grills can be used both at home and outdoors. Barbecue grills are available in different kinds depending on the requirement of the individuals.

Barbecue Smoking – As compared with barbecue grills, barbecue smokers are really quite. This method of cooking relies on an indirect heat source. The heat produced by the smoke cooks food in this method. That is why it is called barbecue smoking.

Open Fire Barbecue – The last method involves cooking food in a fire of coal, wood, propane gas, or any other similar gas, usually with the sauce applied. Generally, the sauce is applied at the end of cooking time.

In Barbecue cooking, apart from preparing non-vegetarian food, vegetarian food can also be prepared. This method is healthier and safer when the food is slow-cooked at a low temperature. You can use this method at your home to make tasty food.

Barbecue – A Method of Cooking