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Health Care Professionals and Related Health Care Professionals, Private Health Care Professionals and Public Health Care Professionals, ACT or NSW Ambulance and Care Departments may be covered by the Health Services Union. 

Individuals involved in disability, medical records, administration, security, interpreting, physiotherapy, food services, psychology, IT, finance, dentistry, junior medicine, radiography and nuclear medicine are also covered by this system. To know about NHS medical advice visit

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Health workers and Allied service members are provided with information about their rights and about national labour standards related to their work. There is also information on health and safety and information about labour laws available to members. There is a regular newsletter with the latest news and updates on this. There are several other resources available to help professionals in various ways.

Threat Compensation is another feature where the family members of a deceased HSU member receive $ 10,000 to pay off debts and even funeral expenses. Members who study to increase their employment opportunities can benefit from Special Education Scholarships, which are also available for the member's dependent children.

This has helped many people gain additional skills in their field or in an entirely new field, which has helped them access a wider and better source of income without putting too much strain on their finances.

Benefits For Health Services Union