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Your furniture represents an investment in your home. It is typical to want to keep these pieces attractive and in good condition. 

Explore different padding options for you to know which methods will help you maintain these items. 

You will be able to perform some of these tasks yourself, while others will require professional upholstery fabric cleaning service help.

Aspirate and brush

When dirt and debris are dry, they can be easily removed. Use a rigid bristle brush to eliminate dust and dry particles. 

The bristles can help loosen dirt that gets stuck in fibers. After loosening debris, suck it thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. 

Depending on the amount of dirt, you may need to perform this task once or twice a week. If you have pets or children at the home, tank, and break at least twice a week to get optimal results.


You have several options for the deep cleaning of the upholstery.

Wet – Spray a solution on furniture with special equipment. This equipment only emits the right amount of solution to avoid wetting the fabric with excessive amounts of moisture. 

After applying the solution, the chemicals dissolve and loosen the soiling areas. The equipment then extracts excess moisture to eliminate fiber. 

Dry – With this process, the equipment applies a dry cleaning product to the fibers. After allowing chemicals to settle on the surfaces for the correct time, a machine extracts them to delete them. 

Best Upholstery Cleaning Tips And Guidelines For Your Furniture