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There are many different strategies, to take, in business. And, while most strategies will seem extremely simple, on the exterior, people will find that those same strategies have far-reaching effects that can exonerate or decapacitate a company. To know which road, to take, is a difficult proposition for the untrained mind.

There are several common roads that people pursue. All roads seek higher ground and yet – the way, in which the ground, is pursued, is the factor that determines winning or losing. The way to win, in business, is to (1) seek the high ground, (2) plan for deception, (3) use spies, (4), and have a great leader.

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Seek the Higher Ground

Commodity businesses are to be avoided since the profit margins are typically extremely narrow. The only way to get great returns is to occupy the high ground. So, what does that mean, in business?

The high ground is your intellectual property. For example, your company secrets and experience, in how to do things. The intellectual secrets may be patents or closely guarded (like the Coke recipe). For most companies, the way to generate high returns is to focus on creating some intellectual capital that can only be used by that one company. A great example of how to do this is Apple Computers.

They create better products that can’t be distributed or replicated by other people due to intellectual rights. This enables Apple to make wide profits with only a small share of the market.

Many people go about this the wrong way. If you were in battle, you wouldn’t try to climb up a steep rocky hillside to take out a bunker filled with machine gunners. The casualties would be very great and the chances of success too low. Instead, you might call in for an aerial attack and hold your position.

Business Strategy – Successfully Take the High Road