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Carpet cleaning requires time to remove dust particles and dirt and other stains. It is an old carpet recovery process. There are many carpet cleaning methods. 

Among them, steaming is the most popular. There are many other advanced carpet cleaning methods, and they are expensive. You can click here to know more about various cleaning methods.

Extraction of the high-pressure hot water

Extraction of the high-pressure hot water is also known as steam cleaning, a method of cleaning carpet which is very common. Water solution is used which contains a detergent. This solution is first applied to the carpet. 

The solution is left intact for a while. A pressure machine is then moved on the belt which rinses and clean the carpet by sucking the water and make it dry.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning of carpets involves very low moisture systems. Steam cleaning includes high moisture systems. Dry cleaning methods are generally preferred for their drying time. There are different methods for dry cleaning a carpet.

1. Compounds dried

A cleaning absorbent is used in this process. It is applied on the carpet everywhere. Then the carpet is brushed. The chemical absorbs dirt particles. Then, the carpet is sucked to suck the chemical spread and accumulated dirt. 

2. Encapsulation

Encapsulation is the most advanced treatment for cleaning carpets. The phenomenon comprises crystallizing impurity particles into a solid form by certain polymers. Then, a cleaning solution is applied which is then vacuumed. 

3. Bonnet

A soda is mixed with cleaning detergent and applied to the surface. There is a hood that scours the mixture on the carpet in circles. The machine has an absorbent pad that absorbs dirt, then rinses.

Carpet Cleaning Practical Guide For Your Carpets