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A messenger bot is basically a program that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to chat with clients. Simply put, these robots can then formulate an intelligent response in a much more humane fashion than a message posted on a Web site. There are many advantages to using a messenger bot as opposed to simply posting a message on a Web site. If you want your messages to be read, then you should use a bot for Messenger Chat.

How is this possible? Simple, by saving time. There's no need for a human to actually say the words, instead, the bot will type them for you. With its advanced memory, the messenger chatbot will search its stored files and find the right word to say at the right time. This means that not only will you be able to retain customer contact, but also increase the likelihood of attracting new potential customers!

This capability has already begun to be utilized by a number of companies. They are using automated bots to post messages on their messaging apps, as well as send these same messages automatically to various accounts on their company's network. In fact, some of these automated bots are now being used to answer customer calls. Replacing the outdated call center employees, this new technology has streamlined customer service department operations. Now, instead of having to hire customer service agents, you can simply place an automated bot that will take customer service questions and forward them to your friendly customer service agents.

Another use case for a Facebook Chatbot is for business owners who are trying to improve customer service. For example, let's say that you own a landscaping company. You might be in the market for a new customer service agent. You could use your existing Messenger Bot system to outsource this task, but the truth is that doing so would leave you with very little human resources, which is definitely not what you want when building a business!

Another popular use case is for online marketing firms. These businesses typically have several different social media profiles, including their own, their company's, and another third party's. And because Messenger Bot can automatically accept image credits, it leaves the social media representatives free to perform other tasks, such as composing emails, posting on discussion boards, or engaging in conversations on the wall street Journal's "In Your Head" section.

But the most interesting use case for Messenger Bot lies within the advertising sector. The reason that I have mentioned this so much is that it represents a complete and brilliant innovation in the field of advertising. Unlike the image credits you receive from some of your competitors, Messenger Bots will allow you to simply direct the users of your bot to a website where they can register, create an account, and receive credits in the form of cash or gifts. With so many websites dedicated to a single theme (trend), you could even set up a bot for each of the most popular ones, allowing your most loyal customers to receive the maximum benefit from your advertising efforts.

As mentioned earlier, Messenger Bot was developed by Carnegie Mellon University with the intention of paving the way for more intelligent and conversational bots to take over the role of customer service representatives. If Facebook is already good at providing status updates and uploading pictures, imagine what it could do for your business. The possibilities are endless, but it all begins with having a chat with bot developers and designers. I have personally witnessed conversational bots performing several tasks, including:

This new technology will undoubtedly redefine customer service. Its ability to understand multiple types of language and multiple cultures could provide a significant competitive advantage. If successful implementation, it may also revolutionize marketing. Imagine being able to engage in real conversations with potential and existing customers in foreign countries. If Messenger Bot proves to be as successful as its developers predict, it will usher in an era of automated, conversational customer support that will likely eliminate most customer lifetime value. In the meantime, all the top tech companies, including Microsoft, should be watching closely.

Chat Bots A Doorway To Customer Service Activation