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Creating garment graphics is a pretty simple process, but it also has its quirks. Making the transition from cutting standard vinyl graphics for doors and windows can be a bit confusing at first.

If your first experience with vinyl cutters is with up, glitter, flock, and holofoil graphics, the learning curve is a little steeper. To help you clear those hurdles more quickly. You can check this link to get information on vinyl material.

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Here are simple answers to problems in three basic categories: problems with adhesion, problems with color migration, and problems with cutting or weeding.

Adhesion Problems

The most common complaint we receive is that a film won’t stick to a garment. This can be further broken down into two categories; initial adhesion, and final adhesion.

Initial Adhesion: Problems with initial adhesion occur when the process of removing the liner lifts the newly pressed letters. The most likely cause is insufficient pressure. Everyone focuses on the time and temperature settings and, if the applique doesn’t stick, new users tend to increase the dwell time. Wrong move.

Color Migration

Another common complaint in this field is color migration, which occurs when the dyes in the garment transfer to the applied film. This most often occurs when people apply white graphics to dark polyester or cheap cotton shirts. The white turns slightly or markedly gray. The black dye with which the shirt was made has been activated by the heat and migrated into the film.

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