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Anti-static matting has provided many benefits to customers worldwide. It is used for all kinds of different businesses and homes. Anti-static mat even used for the bottom of a playground to make falls less harsh on children. 

There are so many kinds of matting. You can even find customised mats for business, home, or whatever!  Everyone can be happy when they find these mats.

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Benefits of Anti Static Flooring - StaticStop

As you know, entrance mats and runners are essential for the home. They can provide security for the installed carpet and prevent stains. Anti-fatigue mats provide a comfortable standing place for employees. 

Anti-static mats are non-conductive that protects everyone from the shocks of high voltage machines and equipment. There are two types of these mats. They are static dissipative mat and electrically conductive mat. 

There are enough strong differences between the two. a conductive mat spreads static electricity more quickly so they should be used around the strongest equipment. 

Not only that but the type of matting takes raw materials from landfills helps to make the world a better place. Anti static mats are a great flooring option for your home or business.

Choose Anti Static Floor for your Home or Business