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When your site is "down" it is about as good as not having a site at all. No visitors coming in and certainly no income. The high prices and potential loss of your website down can significantly affect your results.

Therefore, most companies are looking to outsource their colocation needs. It is extremely important to choose a data center that will guard your important data and documents risk or disaster and guarantee that they will never fall. You can also look for the best data center solutions via the web.

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Several data centers are now guaranteed "100% Uptime" in their advertising and marketing materials. The purpose of this article is to help you define the concept of a 100% uptime guarantee and how it refers to your online business.

An uptime guarantee is the amount of time that a data center can certify that their systems are active and accessible to customers. The most reliable sites guarantee 99.9% to 100% availability in their service level agreements.

The most reliable data centers offer full coverage ensuring 100% availability which includes the power, space, network access, and internet bandwidth in their service level agreements.

Some colocation sites even notify all their customers if the guarantees are not met and compensate automatically. It's the best uptime guarantee you can get.

Data Centers And The 100% Uptime Guarantee