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In many cases, people are sexually abused in their own homes by people they love and trust. This form of sexual violence is known as domestic sexual violence and unfortunately often goes unreported for a number of reasons. In some cases, people don’t want to punish people who harass them because those people are close to them.

Although these loved ones are a source of pain and suffering, abused people are reluctant to report on those they care deeply about. Other times, people are too afraid to take action.

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The reason people harass others is to be able to assert their dominance over those they abuse. This tactic works very well, which is another reason why domestic violence is often underreported.

In other cases, victims of domestic sexual violence are not aware of legal options. These people often don’t know that help is available, so they don’t try to find it. People who have experienced rape, inappropriate touching, forced kissing, or other unwanted sexual advances at home have an opportunity and can improve their situation.

A good first step is to contact legal authorities. Many people are afraid to immediately report to law enforcement agencies such as the police. It is important to note that reporting harassment to the police should not be the first step in stopping harassment; Individuals can also contact an experienced domestic violence attorney.

Domestic violence advocates can help victims of domestic violence learn what they can do to end their suffering. They can also help individuals issue restraining orders and bring charges against their abusers.

Dealing With Domestic Sexual Assault