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When packing your emergency kit, it's also a good idea to pack copies of your most important financial and legal documents. When the sirens go off, there's no time to go through your important documents and make copies.

You can surf the internet to check the bug out bag list.

1. Your identification documents: driver's license, birth certificate, passport, and social security card

2. Health insurance card, front, and back, to store all phone numbers

3. Credit card

4. Bank contact information, including account numbers and passwords

5. Prescriptions for essential medical supplies or medication

6. Title documents for all vehicles and property

7. Insurance documents for all property and vehicles

8. Document custody of all children

9. Emergency numbers for family members, all insurance operators (with insurance numbers) as well as doctors and pharmacies for basic care.

If you have the space, there are other documents out there that you might be comfortable with if you're moving for a long time. If you don't have enough room to fit all this information in your insect pouch, make a copy and send it in a large package to someone you trust and who doesn't live in the same geographic area where you live. You also don't want the person who has these documents evacuated.

1. Summary of medical records for each of your problem families

2. School records if your evacuation is extended

3. Marriage certificate and military discharge document (DD214)

Scan all your important documents on a flash drive which you can easily carry with you. With your flash drive, you can send emails from a working Internet connection or print hard copies without finding another copier.

Don’t Forget These In Your Family Emergency Bug-Out Bag
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