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One of the best places to experience the true Californian beach lifestyle is Carpinteria on the southern coast of California.

Many city visitors come here to enjoy the beach which stretches almost 6 km from the well-preserved beaches. You can also choose hotel near Carpinteria, CA at Carpinteria Express.

In addition, there is sunshine in this area most of the year, except for a few tens of days, and a cool breeze blows overseas, which adds to the sense of relaxation felt here.

The area is also very clean and well maintained. For all these reasons and many more, Carpinteria Beach is very popular not only among locals but also with city-goers, which is why it is important to stay on the beach even for a while.

For anyone who comes to this place, there are various kinds of activities that can be followed, including fun water sports.

For the more active, there are options such as beach volleyball, cycling, fishing, surfing and swimming. There are a number of free beach volleyball courts for you to play or sit and watch while others enjoy a good game.

There is also a long bicycle path that stretches all the way to Malibu and is almost 35 km long. This path is also believed to be one of the longest bicycle paths on a beach like this.

Enjoy The Beach Vibe at Carpinteria