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Facebook Chatbot: What's its purpose? Just like Siri and other voice assistants in the market, Chatbots are in great demand in the recent times.

The social networking site is targeting the young population, which comprises a significant portion of the global audience. It is a wise move to cater to these target users, as most people prefer to chat on a personal level rather than sharing images or videos.

Facebook Messenger Bot was launched to make the most of this segment of the population. It is a chat bot that looks just like your favourite Facebook personality, chatting to you in the same manner that they do in real life. So when you have this Bot, your friends will be curious to know who it is.

The Bot looks real, so how does it work? The basic idea behind the Bot is to talk to you as if you were talking to a real person. You can even type out questions in chat and get the answers.

The Bot's personality plays a very important role in interacting with you. It has got the built-in abilities to deal with spam and messages that are not from genuine users.

You can get access to the latest versions of the Bot from the website of Facebook, though you would need to give your consent to add this personal ability to your profile. When you log into your account, you will see your own bot in the list of options.

Using the same option, you can add the Bot to your friend list. This is to ensure that it remains loyal to you. Another way of interacting with the Bot is by sending SMS messages, or even share links through the chat facility.

What's so special about the Bot?Well, its advantage lies in its capabilities that are available with voice commands.

Once you have signed up for the Bot, you can set the parameters for the bot to suit your requirements. However, you should not limit yourself in making it as a personal assistant, but should rather take advantage of its capability to facilitate various interactions.

The Bot also gets the advantage of being able to respond to voice and text commands. It even has the ability to perform queries and gives suggestions regarding the kind of information you might want to know.

It has been tested to work with a good number of users and there are a few issues that the users have complained about. However, these have not gone out of its way and it continues to perform well in the background.

So now you have two options, do you want to get your Facebook Chatbot? Or do you want to buy the Facebook Messenger Bot?

Facebook Chatbot – What is Its Purpose?