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Polyester webbing slings are used for special applications, where heavy loads are involved. The stretchy characteristics of webbing slings help to reduce the effect of shock loading. 

It is very important to control shock loading because this effect can cause various dangerous situations during the lifting work. Many advantages are associated with this like:

  • Polyester webbing slings are very flexible in nature. According to different requirements, it is quite easy to adjust the features. It is used in cargo handling as a cargo sling, used with cranes as a crane sling and in many more applications. Sometimes this is also used for recreational uses.

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  • These slings are in light weight, so it is quite easy to use this sling while transporting from one site to another. Again because this sling consists of polyester, they do not damage or scratch the storage surface or floor.
  • These are made up of synthetic polyester, the initial cost of this sling is quite low as compared to other lifting slings. Even the lifting application with this is considered safer than others.
  • These webbing  slings are very easy to modify according to client’s requirements. Because of synthetic material, the strength and length of the sling can be modified according to the demands.

Because of all these advantages, demand for webbing slings increases rapidly in all sectors. These slings are very preferred in the manufacturing industry, transportation system, aerospace, mining work, and energy generating sector.

Few Advantages of Polyester Webbing Slings