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You will find that choosing the right rim for your trip is as important as other components. Your bike biking for the fastest and lightest trip must start from the bottom up, which is why you should consider getting some killer wheels for your killer attitude on the track. There are many online stores from where you can also buy "fixie tires"(also known as "fixie reifen" in the German language).

RIM Fixie for your race

Track Cycling makes a list of interesting equipment for cyclists.

The wheel you decide for your bicycle track is as important as the frame and fork you decide. That's the reason why we hope to enlighten everyone about what you have to have before you decide to reach concrete (or wood, or whatever it produces).

Driving on the track requires a very high speed, a smooth surface, and a consistent platform environment. This is for reasons like that the right choice for your personal fixie rim is a set with fewer compromises compared to others that can require road racing.

Very little compromise usually means the inside part for the front and back wheels, although some people prefer to stick with discs for their own back. Track racing is about one thing: speed. And getting the upper wheel means light, responsiveness, and chewy.

Fixie Rims For Your Trip To The Racetrack
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