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Men outperform women in setting trends in the modern era. There are hundreds of websites that sell varieties of custom apparel for men. The trend of wearing a custom dress shirt is becoming popular worldwide because custom apparel is designed with perfect measurement and the best quality fabric that gives royal and fresh feel after wearing.

You can get the best custom dress shirts in Edmonton via Su Misura Bespoke website that offers premium quality handmade dress shirts at a very genuine rate.


The custom dress shirts are made with a perfect color which can be enhanced more with some accessories like neckties or ties clips.

Like the shirt collar, the shirt cuffs are also an important part of the shirt. The cuffs are quite visible since their grip area is on the full side of the wrist. 

When speaking, giving presentations, or just sitting with colleagues in a business meeting or at a party, the cuffs are the most visible part of the shirt as the hands move up and down as they speak. 

Custom handmade dress shirts have regular smooth cuffs, which are round or angled. The bracelet styles have almost vanished as people are now opting for sleek new designs and styles like french cropped, two-button square, french square, convertible, etc.

Get The Best Custom Dress Shirts In Edmonton