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The Concrete Specialist has many years of spraying and concreting experience. They help homeowners make the right decisions when deciding what to do with existing surfaces. Mechanically polished concrete comes in a variety of colors and has many options for homeowners to choose from. 

Before using the spray, the stencil is attached to the surface, which requires re-coating. A template is then created. Acrylic glue is used, mixed with abrasive powder or cement powder, which effectively fills the holes.

Like hardwood floors, polished concrete floors need to be done properly as large machines can bump and damage walls if used too hard. Many people ask how much polished concrete costs, which is a fair question. If you google it, it will display all kinds of numbers, from 50 per square meter to 80, up to 115, and up to 150. 

Any cracks or holes need to be filled or repaired, and any uneven surfaces will need to be heavily sanded to level and level them out. The type of abrasive needed depends on how hard or soft the concrete is and the surface conditions.

After the surface has been sanded, a penetrating chemical hardener or sealant is usually applied. This helps provide added protection against stains and prevents water from entering. The chemical reacts with the calcium hydroxide in the concrete to form a solid crystal structure. Sealants can be applied to new or old concrete.

Hire A Specialists For Concrete Polishing Services In Mornington Peninsula