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The 1000 watt electric bike is one of the most powerful scooters you can buy. If you are riding with 800 watts of power you can get up to speeds of 25 miles per hour, which is the case with the electric scooter.

The 1000w fat electric bikes┬áis one of the most powerful and sought-after scooters on the market today. It has a 36 V battery and includes a smart battery charger with help to prevent overcharging. The tires are 10″ Fat Heavy Duty Pneumatic tires with a deep tread for a smoother more comfortable ride. It has a cushioned seat with adjustable height and extra brake light.


This scooter is not only reliable but is environmentally friendly. You can take it out for a spin and be rest assured you are not polluting the environment because it has no emissions. It also is good for your ears because of the quiet engine. You can drive up to 20 miles on one charge and the charge will last about 6 hrs. If you are looking for a motorbike to travel short distances this is a great vehicle for the price.

They sell for around $1489.00. There are several accessories available to enhance your new 800w electric mini bike and they include a small storage trunk for a little cargo room, a basket that attaches neatly on the front, and a big selection of helmets and safety gear suitable for every responsible rider.

The average electric bicycle can range up to 25 miles with less effort, with a recharge time of many hours. When the power gets activated by a switch on the handlebar or in response to your pedaling, gives you an instant, truly silent push. When you stop pedaling or release the switch, the motor stops when you stop pedaling a regular bike.

How 1000w Electric Bike Is Good?