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Some parents use pacifiers to stop their kids from sucking their fingers or thumbs. There’s good and bad on this front, too. Pacifiers at bedtime and naptime can reduce the chance for sudden infant death syndrome because a pacifier might let a kid’s airway to open further. 

It might also prevent her from falling into a deep sleep. If the infant is too young and on breastfeeding, you should wait for one month before giving your baby- a pacifier. You can use thumb sucking devices or appliances that are specially designed for kids up to the age of 6 months to stop thumb sucking.

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When To Inquire Professional Help?

Finger sucking or thumb sucking can be a difficult habit to break. If your child is resistant to your efforts, you may want to have your pediatrician or dentist. Sometimes a message is better received when it doesn’t come from mom or dad.

A medical professional can also advise you on using other methods, including putting a bitter nail polish or bandage on the thumb. If you choose the latter, be sure it’s a non-toxic substance that is safe for consumption. 

Apart from this, be relaxed about the habit of thumb sucking. If you’re worried about your kid’s thumb-sucking or finger sucking, he will be too. You can rest assured that he’ll eventually break the habit himself.

How And When To Use Pacifier To Stop Thumb Sucking