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Garmin is a group of companies that develops commercial and consumer electronics with global positioning system capabilities. These satellites will send signals to ground equipment. 

Each satellite in orbit has an atomic clock. Each broadcast shows the location and time of the satellite. The signals are coming at the speed of light literally. Your boat's Global Positioning System will depend on various transmissions.


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To work properly, as with any satellite technology, the instrument must have a clear view of the sky. This means there will be interference in long tunnels, forests, and city areas. This is good news for those of you who travel by sea.

The sea has a wide-open area, which means quicker and more efficient reading with GPS equipment. When you travel on the sea or the big sea, you can get a full position on the globe, and get details about current and wind. This type of accuracy is not possible if you only use a device or map. 

Why buy a special boat GPS unit instead of an old GPS made for the car?

The new boat GPS systems are accurate up-to-the-minute and are specifically built for marine conditions. The latest models of boat GPS are so accurate that users can tie their systems to an autopilot device and boat radar. This makes for a smooth, hands-free ride.

How Does A Boat GPS System Work?
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