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Pool covers have four main functions: to prevent accidents, to conserve energy in a heated pool to minimize evaporation and keep leaves and debris. There are several types of coverage made from a variety of materials, but they are all designed with those jobs in mind. 

Some covers are made specifically for one of these jobs, but the best swimming pool covers will do. These can be rolled manually on the surface of the pool, or you can buy automatic coverage coils that do all the work. You can also buy covers for indoor outdoor swimming pool via

The benefits to cover your pool are numerous:

Security – An indoor pool is a safer pool. It prevents children or small animals from falling when nobody's looking. This feature, combined with alarms and secure anchor points are invaluable if for families with children.

Money saving – An indoor pool keeps heating costs and energy associated with heating water. It also keeps the evaporation of water to a stable minimum and more chemical mixture, adding means which less often chemicals.

Keeps debris and critters – Whether leaves, pine cones, or dogs or raccoons scrubbers curious, if your pool is covered, none of it can enter.

The main categories of pool covers (available for both above ground and above ground pools) are:

  • Security devices
  • Winter cover
  • Leaves nets
  • Solar pool covers

Mesh is an ideal roofing material because it allows water to drain from the top, keeping the leaves and on the prevention of accidental falls in the water

How Pool Covers Will Save Lives, Energy and Money
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