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Hunting on radio talk shows is a fantastic way to get a promotion. And among the greatest components is, you do not need to leave home to take action. Most wireless hosts will interview you on the telephone.


With that said, here are 5 steps you can use to get on the air:

1. Speak to the show’s producer: When you’ve got a specific display in your mind, call the overall company number for the channel, not the line to the studio, and request the name of the manufacturer, with appropriate spelling, and their email address.

2. Telephone the show’s manufacturer or send an email: The two approaches work well. A telephone call can break the ice however you’ll still have to follow up with an email pitch, so typically, your press release is going to perform.

3. Be ready for the audition: Exercise your elevator pitch in case your first communication was by email. If a manufacturer calls you, then it means that he or she’s curious and they wish to have a feeling of the way you sound and respond to questions until they opt to reserve you.


4. Practice answering a couple of basic questions about your subject beforehand on tape: Manufacturers are searching for energetic guests that are entertaining and informative. If your subject is a severe one, allow your voice to signify it, without being overly somber or rigid.

5. Only pitch one display in every market: If you’re approaching federal shows, it is fine to get hold of all of them at exactly the same time, but do not mention it unless requested.

How to Get Free Publicity on Radio Talk Shows