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Truffle salt is relatively a new creation made by blending pieces of black or white truffle with traditional salts. This mixture is then aged to produce a special black color. Much like truffle oil, black truffle salt also is commonly used in the gourmet kitchen as a final garnish. Historically this salt was used as an important component of bread. In fact, most bread that is served in European restaurants have truffles in their titles.

Truffle is indeed a wonderful seasoning that adds a unique flavor and a lot of elegance to any dish. Although not too popular in the United States, it has been making a long way to fame in Europe. It gained a reputation as the most expensive kind of salt available in the market. In fact, the salt's popularity has transcended from food to medicine. Many cosmetic manufactures now use black truffle salt in making their products.

As stated earlier, the truffle is a combination of many minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, chloride, aluminum, and manganese. All these minerals and trace elements play a big role in its production. Truffles can be used both in cooking and baking. To add to its culinary uses, this salty product can also be sprinkled onto pasta dishes and bread to give it an aroma and flavor. If you're wondering how it would improve the taste of your baked goods, simply sprinkle a bit on the top after preparing the dish.

The flavor and smell of truffle add a special touch to many dishes. It can be added to sauces, soups, and salads. In fact, these days you can find many people using truffle salt as a regular-season additive. There are many different recipes out there that call for this special treat. Some of them include pasta sauce with olive oil, salmon, chicken salad, tuna wraps, corn chips, and more.

Truffle salt has a lot of potential benefits. Aside from the mentioned culinary uses, this salty product can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It can also enhance taste buds and can stimulate the olfactory glands. To put it straight, truffle salt can add a lot of flavor to your meals, drinks, desserts, and other snacks.

Among the most common potential benefits of this flavorful seasoning is the ability to provide a perfect flavor to high quality meats, fish, cheeses, and other foods. The name "black truffles" came from the black veins that appear in cavities in the cheese when it's freshly made. Because of this, the cheese has a distinctive rich flavor that cannot be replicated by other cheese brands.

Aside from creating mouthwatering dishes, experts suggest that cooks who are trying to use truffle salt as an ingredient for their cooking must take note that there is no such thing as too much salt. In fact, they recommend that people should use truffle salt in moderation and should also watch their consumption because too much of this flavor-enhancing salt can be unhealthy. According to experts, the amount of salt should be controlled to less than 2 grams per serving.

In order to add this flavor to your cooking, try preparing meat, fish, or chicken on their own. In doing so, you can control the level of flavor by using a truffle salt grater. When you have completely mixed all the ingredients, you can already use the mixture to sprinkle on top of your baked goods. You may find it easier to make a batch at a time instead of all at once. To get the desired result, you may need to place the mixture into the oven and let it cook for two to three minutes before removing from the oven.

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