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Birth control pills are a very good way to prevent you from getting pregnant. It is effective and it works 97-99 percent of the time. You must know that the pills do not start working immediately, it takes about ten days to take one pill a day for protection.

It is really important that you take the pill once a day and do not forget it because they no longer work. A trick to prevent forgetting the pills is to use the birth control pill reminder to remind you every day about the dosage.

birth control pill reminder

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The pills are available in packs of 28 days or the package 21 days. Both pills are effective for only one menstrual cycle i.e., for four weeks. Both pills contain only 21 active pills. But in the 28 days pack, you'll get a reminder pill for 7 days so you can start your next course in time.

If you, however, would fail to take the pill one day, it will not be the end of the world. The only thing you need to do if you forget it ever is to take the pill when you remember, even if you have already taken the next pill. You should always take the pill that you forgot.

If you miss more than one pill, it is recommended to wait a week before you start taking the pills again. If you forget to take the pills you should look perhaps on different types of birth control methods.

How To Use Birth Control Pills