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In the comprehension section of the paragraph, you need to read a short passage and answer the questions related to this passage. This can include that the general sense of the passage is the intention of the author, which cancels the passage etc. 

Practicing these types of questions from this link will help you increase your score on this section. The mathematical knowledge section of the AFQT exam tests on your general skills in mathematics. This includes subtraction, addition, algebra, perimeter, area, distance, etc. It does not include advanced mathematics. 

The section will give you a math problem and you will have four to five options to choose from. A high score on this section is very important to brush what you learned in high school mathematics is a must.

The final part of the exam is AFQT Arithmetic Reasoning. This section will give short word problems you have to solve. You will need to know the above formulas to solve many of these problems. This also includes the calculation of interest, calculating profit, ratios, etc. By plugging the correct answer will help you get a high score on this section of the review.

The AFQT part of the exam ASVAB is important to your success in the military. The study of this section will increase your overall score ASVAB and guarantee your success in the military.

Improve Your AFQT Portion For The ASVAB Test