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Clinical investigators are warning customers the uric acid found in several sports beverages is harmful to teeth. A recent study presented at the International Association for Dental Research in Miami reported that uric acid links to the erosion of enamel on the teeth. You can the best dental care for invisalign treatment at

The acid eats away at your tooth enamel and input to the bone-like substance beneath which causes the tooth to soften and weaken. If left untreated, acute tooth damage and reduction can happen.

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A clinical study conducted in the New York University College of Dentistry within an experiment immersed calves teeth at uric acid sports drinks and water for a total of 75 to 90 minutes after which assessed the outcomes. The teeth soaked from the sports beverage showed indications of erosion exhibited by little openings in the teeth. Another tooth soaked in plain water was undamaged.

This analysis doesn't replicate actual existence as the teeth have been analyzed outside the mouth," said a spokesman for the British Soft Drinks Association. The truth is a study performed at Ohio State University concluded that there's not any connection between the use of sports drinks and dental erosion. He went on to say that anybody worried about this problem should consult their physician for tips about the best way best to minimize the consequences of dietary fats from all possible sources from the diet

Is Your Favorite Sports Drink Damaging Your Teeth? Dental Erosion
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