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What is Black Truffle? Truffles, also called puff pastry or charcuterie, are small, dried fungi that have become very prized for their distinctive flavor. It's certainly one of the more luxurious and aromatic condiments on the market. And it's frequently used as a topping or added to an irresistible rub that features Italian herbs, for an extra treat. More than once in this series, we've called it a "black Truffle".

Most recipes call for kosher or sea salt. However, depending on your recipe and preferences, you may substitute black truffles salt for regular table salt. Why? Because the taste of truffles varies from person to person. Some enjoy the heavy, smoky flavor while others prefer a salty taste. You may also find some people using black truffles salt on fish or chicken, whereas other people claim the flavor is less pronounced.

In addition, black truffle salt is used for seasoning a variety of foods, such as pasta and grilled cheese. You can season pasta according to your taste by using it on the bottom of each pasta bowl or by sprinkling it over the top after it's finished cooking. As for grilled cheese, try sprinkling it on just before you lay out the first layer of bread.

Another way to use it on eggs is to toss it onto the egg whites after they've been boiled. This helps prevent them from breaking when they reach their hard-boiled stage. If you're serving steak, try sprinkling the mixture on just before you toss the steak onto the plate. The mixture helps to keep the steak moist while it cooks, giving it a better texture than if you leave it in the pan. The same goes for tuna salad, which can be enhanced with truffle salt, just toss it onto the salad and you'll get a better, juicier taste than you'd get from any mayonnaise or tuna salad dressing.

It's a proven fact that regular black truffle salt is great for your health. Because of its rich antioxidant content, it has been linked to reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, and dementia. And since a good portion of the flavor is actually derived from iron, you're getting a definite health benefit there, as well. But this is only the beginning of the distinct taste you'll get from eating this little black stone.

It goes without saying that black truffle salt goes well with any kind of seafood dish, you can't go wrong. However, it goes even further than that to seal a perfect tie with fish, chicken, beef, and even vegetables. If you're thinking that you can't cook with truffles because you don't like their texture, think again. Salt helps create a texture, and with fish, it creates a smoked one that pairs so perfectly with fish and grilled food. Even better would be to pair it with chicken, and then you have an unrivaled source of protein and flavonoids.

This is also where the distinctive smell of black truffles comes from. Truffles are made by smoking or curing certain mushrooms that have already developed a distinct flavor, thus releasing their aromas into the air. As the mushrooms age, they produce a deeper and richer aroma, which is why mushrooms are always associated with truffles and this association doesn't end with just truffles, either. You'll find that there is no other source of salt that produces such a wonderfully unique aroma in foods.

So, what does all of this mean for you? Simply put, if you're trying to cut back on your salt intake, adding an Italian black truffle salt to your menu is a very smart move. After all, it has a lot of health benefits. The fact that it enhances the flavor of foods is just a start; the diuretic properties help to flush out excess sodium from the bloodstream, and the sulphur content helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones. This is just a small sampling of the ways that the Italian black truffle finishing salt can help you live a healthier life.

Italian Black Truffle Salt: A Less Intrusive Way to Add Flavor