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When choosing a decorating method, it’s important to consider the substrate, what finish is necessary, placement of the decoration, the quantity required, and how quickly the job needs to be turned around.

Heat printing, also known as heat transfer printing, offers advantages in these key areas over other methods like screen printing or embroidery. You can check this link get more information on heat printing.

Kenteer Heat Transfer Vinyl, Size: Width: 50cm Max Length:25mtr, PVC Heat  Transfer Vinyl, Rs 590 /meter | ID: 16290935448

Although heat printing has been around for decades, innovations in heat-applied materials and heat application machinery are making it more popular. Add to that a low starting investment and an easy learning curve, and heat printing is now the method of choice for many decorators.

Heat printing goes where other decorating methods can’t with heat transfer materials designed for application on a variety of items and special platens designed for unique placements.

Heat press platens are available for hats, hat bills, shoes, pant legs, and sleeves, enabling decorators to get creative with placements, including wrap-around designs.

The more places that can be decorated on a garment, the more premium items can be created and that means higher profit potential.


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