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Pizza is one of the traditional Italian food that originated in Naples. Naples is a city in southern Italy. Pizza is prepared with dough and mouth-watering ingredients that are used as toppings and baked in wood fire oven at medium temperature. To order the best pizza in Dubai, you may visit


However, before you dial any number or order pizza online, have you ever thought about its own history? Perhaps you have asked yourself what caused the taste of your favorite pizza? Okay, I'm not considering your food, but tell me some fascinating facts on pizza. If you don't know the story behind the pizza origin then keep reading this article that can help you to know more fun facts about pizza. 

According to historical novels, the earliest type of pizza has been introduced by the early Greeks. They used their "pita" or bread and coated with herbs, oil, and cheese and prepared a Pizza dish. One sort of pizza, Pizza Margherita, has been named after a queen of Italy.

In 1889, during a trip to Queen Margherita of Savoy at Naples, an exceptional pizza was served. Undoubtedly, a lot of people around the world loved the delicious flavor of pizza. Whereas in Brazil, São Paulo is granted Pizza Day each 10 July. The pizza has so many different stories. Let us go into the topping. The toppings signify various tastes and preferences. But when it comes to taste, pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, sauces makes it best. 

Know Some Interesting Facts About Pizza