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When it comes to beehive meat, the key is finding good local or online hive slaughterers who slaughter and cook high-quality beef, veal, lamb, chicken, turkey, and duck according to Jewish food laws drawn from the Torah. You can easily learn how to make tasty streaky bacon online.

Of course, it is possible to buy a beehive from the hive department of a large supermarket as long as there is an approved hive (hesher) around, but you can never figure out the details of every single piece. With a specialty beehive shop, you can be sure that the meat is prepared according to Jewish tradition, and that you really know him personally or by the name of the rabbi who directs the process of preparing and packing the meat.

Once you have a beehive butcher selling high-quality fresh meat cooked in a beehive kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Beef soup, stuffed chicken breast, light turkey soup, or delicious goulash – honeycomb recipes taste great if you start with good honeycomb and chicken. To make it easier for you, we have compiled three of our favorite halal meat recipes.

1. Stuffed Beehive Chicken Breast – This recipe is based on the freshest and softest honeycomb chicken breast fillet your beehive butcher can provide.

Organic honeycomb chickens work best if you can find them. Soak boneless chicken breast in Italian sauce overnight, then prepare the filling: boil a cup of breadcrumbs and diced celery, onions, and peppers in cube broth dissolved in a glass of water (more if necessary). 

Kosher Meat Recipe Ideas
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