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Drafting Services are performed for mechanical, electrical and plumbing of the building, and MEP engineers can be supplied with the most accurate and efficient designs. Writing is a very technical process to perform these services. Every MEP engineers initially involved in the design of their systems and provide specifications to editors on the basis of what they have designed.

Mechanical engineers are responsible for developing the design of HVAC systems of the building, while electrical engineers are responsible for the design of power distribution systems and fire alarm systems. If you are also starting your project of building and want to have MEP drawing for this then visit and accomplish all of your tasks efficiently.

How to execute MEP Coordination Modeling? - BIM Blog

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The different types of MEP drawings that are generated in the writing process are:

Mechanical Drawings: 

In other words, mechanical drawings consist of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system of the building. The designs of the HVAC system can be classified in several ways depending on the information they contain. Technical drawings can be assisted with the drawings so that the information can be included in a better way.

Installation Drawings: 

Installation drawings are usually detailed drawings that are generated from the coordinated models. Thus, the accuracy of theses drawings can not be doubted. They are appointed by the engineers in the HVAC installation.

Electrical Drawings: 

The drawings of electrical systems include electrical wiring diagrams, circuit diagrams, schematics, electrical floor plans, and layout drawings for fire alarm systems. Electrical wiring drawings are developed to describe the entire building wiring system for the transmission of electricity. 

MEP Drafting: The Various Drawings That Are Generated In The Process