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Evaluation of Onboarding software program effectiveness of HR experts wants to evaluate their company's integrated strategy using a variety of indicators. Examples include: making sure email and phone are set up, cleaning work areas, setting up business cards, and much more.

HR always provides progress dashboards & onboarding metrics that are useful to employees, including but not limited to contact lists, professional development information, employee manuals, and instructions on the web, via email and voicemail. "Compliance" needs to be kept to a minimum to focus on recognition and absorption.

Also, allow employees to meet their co-workers – this will help new employees feel comfortable and get accepted more quickly by being part of the team on the first day/week. This can be achieved through lunches, cross-departmental meetings, and mentor/friendship programs.

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All supervisors and managers should review not only employee manuals and company policies and programs but also information about managing or implementing these programs and policies.

Ongoing informal feedback and guidance from managers are also important. Managers need to ensure that there are no obstacles to employee success. 

After 3-6 months, a more formal performance discussion should take place and employees should be encouraged to discuss issues and find ways to provide support. Also, these discussions provide important training opportunities to enhance and ensure employees find their jobs interesting.

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