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Funerals can cost thousands of dollars, money that many families don't have today. While the tradition of honoring loved ones with elaborate funeral and burial ceremonies is still a precious form of farewell, many families are looking for new ways to remember loved ones.

Here are more memory ideas that can help families find more creative and affordable ways to show how much they loved the deceased:-

Online Memorials:- Online memorials cost little or no money. Instead of monuments, families can create personal tributes to loved ones that can be visited forever, no matter where in the world the family is located. Photos can be uploaded to websites, as can videos and family trees. It is now easier to look for the best online memorial services via

New Alternative Ways of Saying Goodbye - The Celebrant Directory

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Planting Trees:- Planting trees will not only honor loved ones who love the outdoors but will benefit future generations with lasting memories of grace and dignity. Most tree planting programs are inexpensive, and some of the fees are often used for worthy purposes.

Planting gardens:- Memorial gardens can be created easily and inexpensively in your own garden. Just plant your loved one's favorite flowers and plants in your garden section or in a favorite spot in the community garden. A step or stone with the person's name can be added to the garden.

Alternatives can not only save money, they make more sense, which can have a positive effect on family and friends for years to come. 

Online Memorials and Other Inexpensive Ways To Say Goodbye