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For anyone who is a person widely regarded as professionals, such as doctors, a licensed engineer, an architect, or even a legal practitioner, you probably already know about professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance. This type of insurance provides insurance coverage for professionals in case there is negligence for the professional services they provide. 

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Errors and omissions policy features may include personal rapid service, the availability of installment payment plans in the professional arena, comprehensive benefits package. The application process is simple in nature. 

Errors and omissions insurance involves general liability policy with a limit of one million dollars coverage for each event with a $ 500 insurance deductible. This coverage applies to general obligation regarding the unwanted injury to others, accidental injury, property damage, and other injuries.

It would be a wise decision to get familiar with some of the issues surrounding the most standard type of insurance. For example, we need to know about the "claims made" policy rules that shield policyholders against claims. This insurance policy consists of protection against property and physical damage. So, it is very important for a business owner to have such coverage to protect him in case of any emergency.


Play It Safe With Errors and Omissions Insurance