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The sapphire gemstone is a type of blue corundum and the birthstone for the month of September. It is also a memorial stone to celebrate 45 years of marriage. This gemstone comes with a variety of impurities that is why it shows a variety of color textures. 

They are known to be very beautiful sapphires, the red-orange-orange variety is called Padparadscha and is expensive and very rare. The real blue gemstone is in high demand as cashmere grain offerings are very popular. You can find the best blue stone names via for your knowledge to buy the best gemstones.

There are several ways to treat corundum to improve the quality of a gemstone. Crack filling is a common practice of using epoxy, oil, wax, and glass as fillers, which reduces the visibility of imperfections and prevents the cracks from bouncing.

Heating the corundum can lighten or improve the color and improve clarity by diluting some of the rutile needle inclusions known as "silk" which is common in sapphires. Diffusion treatment is another method, but it only stains the surface of the stone while the center is colorless. This is a permanent treatment as opposed to radiation fading and therefore no method to enhance the sapphire is used.

Blue plays an important role in our every life, we see it all the time, a beautiful blue sky on a clear day makes us feel good and nothing looks more attractive than deep sea blue and finally when your mood is bluer Look at gemstones You and let your magical beauty lift you up.

Sapphire – A True Blue Symbol Of Truth