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Many small businesses rely on internal personnel to generate ideas and procedures to grow the business. While internal people are critical to the success of any business, an innovative business will seek the ideas and input of individuals outside the company to accelerate the growth of the business.

Unfortunately, many business leaders fall into the trap of believing that the business founders and other business personnel are best suited to identify all ideas related to the growth of the business. In many situations, these business leaders fail to seek (or simply ignore) input from people outside the company.

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However, people outside the company’s day-to-day operations typically have a different perspective. They are not caught-up in the systems, procedures, and other activities that dominate the lives of individuals working within the company. These outside people look at the business with a fresh view and don’t bring with them the “baggage” collected by working within the business.

I recently took this advice in my own business. I worked with an outside business strategist, who looked at my existing business and give me new ideas. Although she knew nothing about my business before we started, she gave me a long list of great ideas to take my business to the next level.

Being an outsider to my business, she was unaware of the internal workings of my company. Instead, she approached the systems and products I had put in place and questioned those systems – and started asking whether I had considered other approaches to expanding my business.

She shared her experiences with other companies in which different business procedures were successfully implemented. I would probably not have come up with many of the proposed ideas, because I do not have the same experiences or the same background.

Small Business Growth Through Outside Insight in Adelaide