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A dad hat is also known as baseball cap that comes with an adjustable strap and has a curved brim. Earlier these hats are mostly worn by aged people. But now these are worn by everyone.  

The dad hats are designed in different sizes so that every person can buy a hat according to their head size. The social distance dad hat comes with a message "social distancing" which is a way to aware people of the spreading of the virus. It is a message which is used nowadays on various apparel to promote social distancing program.


Due to the current situation, apparel with social distancing messages is becoming so popular day by day. Apart from hats or caps, there are other apparel on which you can see the same slogan. For example t-shirts, shirts, handbags, face mask, etc 

Dad hats are used to enhance the look. These hats are worn by both men and women. They are so much in trend that you can see big personalities, sportsmen, with the dad hat look.

The hats/caps are designed in three different profile:

  • Low profile hat
  • Medium profile hat
  • High profile hat

The profile of the cap describes the height of the front of the cap connected to the brim. The height is called the crown of the hat/cap.

Social Distance Dad Hat
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