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Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of metabolic conditions characterized by high blood sugar (glucose) levels due to errors in insulin secretion or its effects, or both. Blood sugar levels are controlled by a hormone known as "insulin". Insulin is made by an organ known as the pancreas.

When blood sugar rises, insulin is released from the pancreas to normalize glucose levels by lowering it. Lack of or insufficient production of insulin often causes hyperglycemia in diabetic patients. Even though it can be controlled by the best diabetes care and management in Kenya, it lasts a lifetime.

diabetes care

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Diabetes care tips. Some tips to help you manage diabetes are:

1. Continue to monitor your blood sugar levels regularly as recommended by your doctor.

2. You must take medication or insulin in the prescribed dose regularly.

3. Regular exercise is useful in checking glucose levels. However, it's best to avoid sports that can cause additional complications such as cardiovascular disease, hypoglycemia, etc.

4. You need to lose weight because weight loss is very helpful in checking diabetes.

5. Stop drinking alcohol and quit smoking.

6. You must avoid foods high in sugar and follow your diabetes diet plan.

7. You need to avoid stress, fear, and anger.

You can control your diabetes by:

Taking medications and insulin injections at prescribed intervals,

• Adherence to a healthy diet,

• Avoid sweet items as much as possible, do physical exercise, and regular exercise to burn calories in the body.

Some Diabetes Care Tips
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