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This asana is performed on an open water paddle. By practicing SUP yoga, you can be awakened and encouraged to become a better yoga (yogi) practitioner than you thought. All this while breathing fresh air, soaking up the sunshine, and enjoying the splendor of natural swimming.

What makes SUP board yoga more powerful than in a studio is the fact that the constant movement of the water burns down your major muscle groups – this cannot be achieved through yoga on land. Yoga SUP is all about working in the middle.

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The force needed to balance the plank and produce strength and movement when rowing comes from these core muscles – from the deep transverse abdomen to the rectus and abdomen. The inclusion of yoga asanas also helps you test stability and strengthen and flex your entire body.

The best paddle boards for SUP yoga should be wide enough so that you can maintain balance while practicing asanas. 31 inches (31") is a great display width.

Most of the oars will work, but more than 10 feet will give you extra buoyancy in the water. For a tough paddleboard, the Greco 11ft Stand Up Paddle Board is a great place to start.

SUP inflatable is also great for practicing SUP yoga. Because the surface is softer, it may be more comfortable to apply, but still strong enough to hold you up throughout the yoga pose.

SUP Yoga – The Way To Enlightenment