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A website chatbot is a computer program, usually web-based, which is used in place of a live human representative to perform an online chat exchange via text or voice-to-voice. Chat Bots are sometimes referred to as Chat Maniacs, because they are often preoccupied with finding and acquiring new knowledge or strategies for online discussions. Chat Bots are also known by other names, including Web Bots, Multi-Bot, and Emoticons, among others. Chat Bots were developed by a company called Carnegie Mellon University to be used on chat servers. Recently, other major corporations such as Microsoft have developed chat bots for use within the internet environment.

Today, there are hundreds of different website chatbot available on the internet, ranging from simple text-to-voice applications, to advanced artificial intelligence programs capable of learning and exchanging data with the user. Users have a wide array of choices when it comes to purchasing such chat bot software, but there are a few things users should consider before parting with their hard-earned money. Before purchasing any type of bot, users should research several different brands, and evaluate how each application works and functions with their typical Internet activity.

Several types of bots exist, with each brand specializing in different areas of interest. Chat Bot fro AOL is designed to provide users with access to AOL's instant messenger system, while Chat Bot fro Microsoft focuses on the MSN messenger system. The difference between these two types of bot is simple, whereas AOL Bots provide seamless compatibility with their primary service, Microsoft's Bots require users to download and install specific Microsoft Office applications. In addition, both brands of bots are susceptible to spyware and adware. Chat Bot fro AOL and Chat Bot fro Microsoft both work extremely well with Yahoo!

Chat Bots created by Cisco are designed for professional use, and do not include advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. These bot brands work well with Yahoo! Messenger, as well as Cisco's premier social networking program, MySpace. A chat bot designed by Cisco will also function well with other IM and video chat programs.

As most people are aware, Facebook applications can be downloaded for free. Chat Bots created by Facebook are similar to chat app software, except that they integrate with existing chat applications and offer a simplified interface. This streamlined design provides users with a streamlined experience instead of having to jump from one application to another (which can be time consuming and tedious), a user can now focus on more important activities such as chatting, uploading photos, or playing games. Since Facebook chat bots are created with Facebook applications in mind, they will integrate seamlessly with popular online chat services such as Yahoo! Messenger and Skype.

If you are not familiar with the Facebook chat bot technology, a brief introduction would be in order. Basically, a chat bot is a program developed using the popular Facebook platform. The developers create a bot using an existing Facebook application and integrate it into the network. Once embedded, this bot will communicate automatically with users, including by sending and receiving messages and receiving shared photos. To keep your chat bot running properly, it requires an appropriate Facebook developer ID.

In addition to being able to use these chat Bots as applications, they can also be used as social media personalities. Facebook has an official application and shopping channel, which allows you to sell your Bot through Facebook. These chat bots can also be used as conversationalists. The Facebook weather bot lets users "weather" the weather in their area and share the results with their friends, all while receiving push notifications on their mobile devices.

Bot developers and providers offering Facebook chat bots also offer custom development and customer support. In addition to the integration of a chat Bot with Facebook applications, many of these developers also offer advanced custom features such as photo and video uploads, sharing of documents and images, and the ability to post events as well as personal blogs. Chat Bots are just one of the many applications out there that help businesses connect with their customers in new ways. It can be difficult to know what the best chat bot provider is, but by doing research on the internet you can be better prepared to make the right decision for your business needs. Chat Bots provide businesses with a streamlined approach to communication and help them stay ahead of their competitors.

The Best Chat Bot Software Providers For Businesses
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