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The unbelievably rich, delectable flavor of black truffle salt redefines the word "sea salt". Created from the exclusive Pacific Ocean Sea Salt collected from the Truffles of the North Corsica Alps, this salty treat elevates simple, pure dishes to gastronomically spectacular masterpieces. Rich with nutty and buttery flavors, the dark, nutty-flavored salt is also known for its delectable taste that lingers like a spice. In fact, one taste of Truffle will surely convince you that this salt is not only a food but a very special type of food-the ultimate seasoning for those special moments in your life. For the ultimate in luxury, indulgence, and extraordinary flavor, look for Truffle, the premium brand of sea salt.

Like all sea salts, there are certain characteristics that make up a quality salt such as the color, texture, and concentration of minerals. Black truffle sea salt has a light, white, or gray color. Its texture is fine and its anodized surface is uncoated. Due to the lack of anodizing, this form of salt does not turn dark when exposed to air and therefore does not lose its anodized surface properties. A fine example of this is the rock salt that is used to create fine Italian pastries such as cannoli and tiramisu. Unlike these pastries which use rock salt, black truffle sea salt does not have an anodized surface and can thus retain its natural flavor.

Anodized salts have a protective coating that prevents the crystals from crystallizing. The anodized forms of this sea salt are lighter and less coarse than the naturally occurring crystals. This form is used mostly for cooking and baking. Because black truffle salt is used for baking and cooking, it tends to lose some of its properties that enhance the flavor of food. However, the anodized form of this salt is safe to eat.

Caring for black truffle sea salt requires the following steps. To begin with, you must first soak the salt in water. Most experts recommend that you let it soak for around twenty minutes, but this depends on the particular brand you purchase. After soaking, you must wipe off the residue with clean water to prevent the salt from crystallizing. If you need to let the salt dry, you can place it under the sun or place it in an air-conditioned room for a few hours.

Most black truffle sea salt comes in two blends: one for flavoring and one for seasoning. These two blends usually vary, although it is not uncommon to come across a blend that contains just the flavoring and no other ingredients. The flavoring blend adds an earthy flavor to pasta dishes and soups. Some of the most common uses for this type of salt include making vegetable salad, adding a slightly salty taste to meat dishes, and tomato sauce. It is sometimes also used in the dishes wherein you will be frying foods such as fish.

A more recent addition to the black truffle sea salt family is the black truffle salt is a perfect combination of finely ground coarse sea salt and highly prized black truffle imported from France. Unlike its flavor-packed counterparts, French black truffle salt does not contain a lot of additives that tend to take away from its flavor. Its naturally gray color makes it ideal for use in savory and meaty pasta sauces and stews. In fact, this type of salt is often sold in small bags and is available at specialty food stores and even in some supermarkets.

In keeping with the earthy flavor, Italian truffle sea salt is also harvested in Italy. Harvesting this type of salt from the Alps happens only once per year. Only the best black truffle is allowed to escape and then brought to the surface to undergo the curing process. Once the salt has been cured, it undergoes a process that causes it to release its distinctive natural scent. It is this scent that gives Italian black summer truffles their distinct and earthy flavor. Italian truffle sea salt can be found online and in many stores both in the United States and in Europe.

Other than the three types described above, there are several unique varieties that only the experts know about. Each variety of black truffle contains its own unique aroma that depends on what it has been grown with. One of the most popular varieties is the "Claddagh" which is harvested in Ireland. Made up of over seventy different herbs, this one of the most popular has an aromatic smell that invokes romance and has a hint of Guinness in it.

The Black Truffle Salt