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Have you ever looked at a building and asked yourself, "How does someone do this?" You may have seen it! This is the amazing power of architecture. It's so unreal to imagine humanity and the technological and innovative steps we can work on as a team. It is understandable that most people will think of building as a well-planned and thought out process. You are right. The architectural design process is divided into several phases to obtain a problem-free final product.

Location Programming/Analysis:

Before undertaking any physical work, architectural services professionals and experts should carefully consider the project site and make an initial decision. This programming phase helps experts communicate parameters, tasks, objectives, and all related work to successfully implement the project. In the case of a large commercial construction project, the customer informs all professionals about the desire for design and functionality. Finally, a programming document is created in which a project plan is formulated.

Architectural Design by Award Winning Boston Architects

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Developer Schema Structure:

This is the phase that people think about most often when imagining architectural designs. Here, experts create complex sketches of all aspects of floor plans and building designs. Initially, it is a preliminary sketch in which the floor plan, scenery, and finally the three-dimensional image of an almost real design is developed in detail. The client must agree to all phases of its creation to ensure the efficiency and success of the project.

Shop Drawing:

At the end of the final phase, the client approves the draft of the building being designed. Now the architect will monitor the planning and execution of further project details. This phase always includes working drawings that serve as project contract documentation. Once these drawings are completed, home builders can easily start pricing and building permits before starting construction.

The Stages Of Architectural Design
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