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No matter how rugged or tough your jeans are, they need proper care and attention while washing. People tend to give little attention to their pair and wear it over and over again without the wash.

Moreover, maximum wearers don’t even think of the adverse effects washing might have on their denim and throw it into the washer carelessly. To know more about ripped denim jeans for menread this article.

However, taking proper care of your loved evergreen pair of ripped denim that you purchased online is no kids play and calls for some serious consideration.

If you want to prolong their life, washing with care should be of utmost importance to you. Remember, their shades fade away with every wash so you need to very careful before that happens and your pants are ruined! Below I have a few listed basic tips you should follow to keep the look of jeans intact:

Wash them inside out- This will save the shades and colors of jeans, which otherwise go for a toss due to mechanical friction. Also, the friction created when other jeans rub with each other causes damage to the look, so watch out.

Never use bleach- Until of course, you want an acid-washed (or bad acid washed) look! Bleaches are extremely harmful and total fabric killers that damage and weaken the stitches and threads.

Not just this, it also ruins the color, shape, and shades of your jeans. In cases, it also creates holes in denim due to excess use.

Tips On How To Safely Wash Your Denim Jeans To Increase Its Life