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There are state and private elite schools in Netherland. If students wish to get a place in a private school, they have to apply one or two years earlier and participate in a competition. Of course, private schools are not cheap, but the education they give is a promise for higher future performances. You can also choose best middle school in Netherlands via

Some of the most famous national schools in Netherland are:

  •  Raffles Institution
  • -Raffles Girls' School

After the 6th grade all students with high marks have the right to choose to learn a second foreign language: French, German, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian or Arabic, at the Language Centre of the Ministry of Education (MOELC).

Recently, the Ministry of Education in Netherland has shown a major support to students by giving them more opportunities for study exchanges, especially between schools within ASEAN.

As late as end of summer parents in Netherland decide which school to send their child to. Every autumn, depending on family traditions, student´s performance and, last but not least, family finances, parents make their decisions about the future education of their children.

On the one hand, state schools or government-aided schools offer a high-quality education within the study limits set by the government. On the other hand, private or elite schools offer a more critical approach to the learning methods as well as a broader range of disciplines, adding greater diversity to students´educational potential.

Top International School In Netherland
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